Scarves with Soul and Street Cred

Isabelle Gougenheim Designs launches its first collection of wearable art

French-American artist Isabelle Gougenheim, whose work is inspired by the soul of the city streets she strolls in her world travels, is launching her first collection of wearable-art scarves.

The 54-inch-square designs, printed on modal-silk fabric and made in Italy.

“They accentuate any outfit for any occasion,” she says. “In addition to scarves, you can use them as sarongs, headbands, or you can drape them over a bed or a sofa or use them layered as curtains.  I love the flexibility of the size.  They look different from every direction, so they are very versatile.”

By merging abstraction with real imagery, such as butterflies, hearts and the printed word, Gougenheimcreates eye-catching designs that transport the viewer to faraway places.

“My creations can be organic or whimsical or dazzlingly geometric,” she says. “Some designs are classic; others are funky. I like to create things that are original and that surprise myself.”

Gougenheim’sfree-spirited creations, rooted in street photography and graffiti, are meant to grab your attention – the colors and images are electric.

It’s true that they are the epitome of classic chic Parisian style,” Gougenheim says. “But the abstract designs are an all-knowing nod to how we live now. They are imbued with contemporary forward-thinking approaches to life.”

Gougenheim’s ideas spring from the drawings, colors, paintings, photographs and images of street signs that she has been collecting for years.

“I have everything in a notebook,” she says. “I make to-scale drawings that are then printed on the fabric. The scarves are designed to be flexible so they can be used in various ways.”



Isabelle Gougenheim, who is based in Chicago, is from Strasbourg, France. Before striking out on her own, she worked for Holly Hunt Collection and partner/owner of Kevin Reilly Lighting collection.

She has a master’s degree in art and ethnology. Her exploration of color led her to create her scarves